Paraty Affairs


Title: Paraty Affairs
Production Year: 2006
Producer: Marcostudio
Director: Max Julien
Script and Videography: Max Julien
Music: A. M. Som
Editing: Tony Biscotto
Casting and Stills: Marcostudio
Running Time: 2 hours


DVD extras:
    Stills Gallery
    Cumshots Gallery
    Behind the scenes
    Total Extras running time: one hour

Rocky de Oliveira, Edmundo Castro,
Raul Dias,
Sidney Sampaio,Lu Haas, Jack Joy, Yago Ribeiro, Rogério Gusto, Frank Lemos,
André Stamatis, Patrick Pollito

An Argentinean tourist travels to Paraty, a beautiful historical city on Brazilian coast and hires a tourist guide. He doesn’t seem as much impressed with the colonial town as he is with the beautiful men he sees all around. When he’s ready to go back home a surprise awaits him.

Voyeurism, Brazilians, Latinos, outdoors sex, big dicks, muscular men, foreskins, interracial sex, hairy and smooth men, duos and 3-ways.


Scene #1:
With: Lu Haas (tourist), Jack Joy, Yago Ribeiro and Edmundo Castro
After watching several locals swimming and diving into rapids, Lu Haas notices that some action is going on nearby. He follows a couple (Jack Joy and Yago Ribeiro) and tries to find out what they’re into, when muscular Edmundo Castro joins them for a hot 3-way.



Scene #2:
With: Lu Haas and Raul Dias
Restless, our tourist takes a walk. Thunder and rain announce that a sex storm is close when he watches a lonesome pool player. .



Scene #3:
With: Rogério Gusto and Frank Lemos
During breakfast, Lu meets two muscular hotel guests and fantasizes about them having sex on an island.



Scene #4:
With: André Stamatis and Sidney Sampaio
Walking on the pier, the Argentinean tourist sees two young, sexy guys getting into a boat. It doesn’t take much to get them going!


Scene #5:
With: Lu Haas, Rocky de Oliveira and Patrick Pollito

Lu is horny and depressed. Just before he leaves, Rocky, the tourist guide, comes for a visit and invites him for a 3-way with his boyfriend. Shy at the beginning, Lu only watches; after a while, he joins the passionate couple



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