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Michael Dias
Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 187#
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Skills: stripper, go-go boy,
personal trainer,
body guard;
available for travel.

Opposite Attraction - Part 2
Hobbies: Bodybuilding, reading

Contact: 55 31 9128 1834 (Belo Horizonte)

xxxxIn January of 2000, Michael Dias, a straight corporal in the Minas Gerais State Military Police, modeled for a gay Brazilian magazine. Immediately upon the magazine's publication, Michael was "invited" to resign for "improper conduct". Michael's superiors took it for granted that he wouldn't dream of fighting such a charge. His response, however, was to bravely defend himself - both as a policeman and as a man proud of his body (and what a body!).

xxxxA cause célèbe was born. The case went to trial and, last June, the courts allowed the police to eject Michael from their ranks. The press seized upon the scandal, and he appeared on the most popular Brazilian talk shows, where he, in a very articulate way, defended his position. In no time, night clubs all over Brazil were fighting over his body and the chance to display it. To everyone's surprise, it turned out that, not only did the ex-policeman have a great physique and an agile mind, but the man could also dance!!!

xxxxFired from his job with the police, the brave warrior found a new career opening before him -- stripping off his real former uniform for an appreciative audience.

xxxxAfter all, a man has got to eat! And that's where we found him (We at Marcostudio are continuously looking for the finest Brazilian men). The very next day, we had Michael out on location for a photo session and a memorable appearance in our forthcoming video "Opposite Attraction - Part 2".
xxxxWe know you don't want to wait that long for a glimpse of Michael's wonderful body, so immediately after the film was developed, we scanned in some of his photos and are offering them to you first hand.

Signo: Virgem
Altura: 1,75m
Peso: 85kg
Olhos: castanhos
Cabelos: castanhos
Habilidades: stripper, go-go boy,
personal trainer,
disponível para viagem
Hobbies: musculação, leitura

Contato: 31 9128 1834

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