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The Wild Ones
Director: Durk Dehner 
Production: Renegade Studios (Durk Dehner, 
Levvy Carriker, Marcostudio) (1994)

Videography: Marcostudio and Levvy Carriker 
Editing: David Wayne 
Music: Drance 
Stills: Marcostudio 
Running Time: 105 min 

Price: $ 49.95 
Format: VHS 
System: NTSC or PAL 

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Zak Spears and Wolff
Is an approximately one hour fourty five minute action packed XXX rated male feature. Itís filled with Intense Passion, Butt Eating, Boot Licking, Raunch Talking,  
Cocksucking, Leather Muscle Stud Fuck Action. 

Huge muscle bound mechanic  
studs... Low Life punks from the  
wrong side of town...  

Masters & Slaves satisfying each othersí sexual desires... and a sex sleaze party with 30 horny studs having one hell of a time doing it with each other, for each other.  

A Sexual Pleasure Dome of the 90ís recreating the wild uninhibited seventiesí loose sexual lifestyle yet supporting todayís safe sex guide lines.


Bull Stanton 
Blue Blake 
Zak Spears 
Michael Brawn 
Max Stone 
Marc Saber 
Steve Gibson 
and others


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