Stiff Security

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Title: Stiff Security
Production year: 2001
Producer: Marcostudio
Director: Max Julien
Script and Videography: Max Julien

Music: A.M. Som
Casting and Stills: Marcostudio
Running Time: Ca. 90 minutes



30 minutes of
additional material !!!

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Edmundo Castro, Julio Vidal, Roberto Aguilar, Ivan de Morais,
Hugo Toledo, Emerson Prata, Alfonso Ribeiro, Sidney Sampaio,
Jorge Rios, Renato di Giorgio and Chang Ling (non-sexual role)

A video producer on a low budget describes usual problems one has during an outdoor video shooting: mosquitoes, bad weather, no show-up, performers who get involved with the crew, etc. To avoid this last kind of problems, he hires 3 straight security guards.
The viewer follows the Director's odyssey, whose efforts to anticipate any possible troubles are overcame by reality.

Behind the scenes, straights, Brazilians, Latinos, uncut dicks, muscular men, hairy and smooth bodies, voyeurism, outdoor sex;
Rimming, oral and anal sex, double penetration, duos and 3-ways.


Ivan, Emerson and Julio
Scene #1:
The Director shoots
a 3-Way
With: Emerson Prata,
Julio Vidal and
Ivan de Morais.
(oral, rimming,penetration)

Julio, Ivan and Emerson

Sidney Sampaio
Scene #2:
The Director, with the help of two versatile performers set up the location and shoots the 2nd. scene.
With: Roberto Aguilar
and Sidney Sampaio

Roberto Aguilar

Hugo and Julio
Scene #3:
While one performer (Julio Vidal) waits for his turn, he meets the security guard who is off-duty. Julio knows that that guy isn't straight and blackmails him in order to have sex. After Julio promises to keep it secret, the 2 guys begin to have sex, and are soon joined by a 3rd performer.
With: Julio Vidal, Hugo Toledo
and Ivan de Morais
(oral, rimming and anal sex)

Scenes #4 and #5:
The two other security guards (mature Jorge and novice Renato) get distracted and horny while the shooting goes on. They are ripe for man-to-man sex, but cannot admit it. Soon they are caught by two horny bandits who want to watch them having sex. Jorge and Renato pleasure each other orally but when they're urged to penetration, the guard who arrives to his turn "rescue" them and reverses what was going on.. Soon, the 3 security guards are watching the show performed by the 2 bandits.

Jorge Rios

Scene #4:

Jorge Rios and Renato di Giorgio (oral)

Scene #5:
Edmundo Castro and Alfonso Ribeiro
(oral and anal sex)

Alfonso and Edmundo

Renato di Giorgio

Scene #6:
After the bandits run away, the security guards get a call from the director who announces he's going to cancel the shooting. Quickly they suggest themselves ("3 former straights") for the missing scene, and the surprised director gladly approves them and saves the shooting day.
With: Jorge Rios, Renato di Giorgio
and Hugo Toledo

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© Copyright Marcostudio