Sex Parade


Production Year: 2003
Producer: Marcostudio
Director: Max Julien
Script and Videography:
Max Julien

Music: Rick Cardam
Editing: Chris B. keller
Casting and Stills: Marcostudio
Running Time: 1 hour 45 minutes


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Renato di Giorgio, Jorge Rios, Alfonso Ribeiro,
Gabriel Faria,
Tiago Nunes, Bernardo Lima, Matheus Marques, Igor Martins,
Julio Vidal, Felix Bahia, Emerson Prata, Sidney Sampaio and
Marlon Prado.

“Sex Parade” shows how the excitement of go-go boys, hard hats, policemen and by-standers, during a Pride Parade leads them to sexual encounters. Cruising, frustration, excitement and daydreaming are the rough stuff that moves that crowd. A big chunk of the video footage was actually shot during Sao Paulo Pride Parade in Brazil, an event that gathered more than 500,000 participants.

Bodybuilders, body worship, hard hats, policemen, uniforms, go-go-boys, voyeurism, urination, outdoor sex, foreskins, Brazilians, Latinos, interracial sex, hairy and smooth men, clean and tattooed men, solos, duos and 3-ways.

Renato Di Giorgio


Scene #1:
Cute Renato di Giorgio is on his way to work as a go-go boy on one of the floats in the parade. This job doesn’t prevent him from flirting with Jorge Rios and Alfonso Ribeiro, on-duty workers who cannot participate in the parade.
With: Renato di Giorgio, Jorge Rios, Alfonso Ribeiro.

xxxxxxxxxxxRenato Di Giorgio  
xJorge Rios

Scene #2:
Tiago Nunes watches Gabriel Faria pissing on a wall and follows him to a back alley. Soon after they begin their encounter, policeman Bernardo Lima joins them for another hot 3-way.
With: Gabriel Faria, Tiago Nunes
and Bernardo Lima.
Gabriel Faria, Bernardo Lima and Tiago Nunes   Tiago Nunes

Scene #3:
Sidney Sampaio daydreams about a sexy muscular tattooed guy he met in the parade but who wasn’t interested in him.
With: Sidney Sampaio and Matheus Marques.
Matheus Marques

Scene #4:
After teasing parade participants with his wild choreography,
go-go boy Igor Martins jacks off in Felix Bahia’s daydream.
With: Igor Martins and Felix Bahia.

Felix Bahia  


Scene #5:
Julio Vidal is another go-go boy who meets admirer Felix Bahia after the parade.
With: Julio Vidal and Felix Bahia.
Julio Vidal and Felix Bahia  


Scene #6:
Marlon jacks off while watching video images he shot of Emerson and Sidney. Soon, he fantasizes about a hot encounter between those guys.
With: Marlon Prado, Emerson Prata and
Sidney Sampaio.
Sidney Sampaio and Emerson Prata  

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