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Opposite Attraction

Production: Marcostudio (2000)
Running Time: 86 minutes
Director: Max Julien
Performers: Walter Soares, Daniel Vieira,
Marco Antonio, Roberto Aguilar, Perrone,
Alberto Landi, Jordan Neves, Douglas Lisboa
Sergio Cortes, Nelson Leme

Casting and Stills: Marcostudio
Music: A.M. Som
Editing: Joe Motta
Script and Videography: Max Julien


Price: $ 59.95
Format: VHS
System: NTSC or PAL  



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Synopsis: Social, psychological, bodily, professional, age, racial, cultural and sexual differences are shown in four vignettes that explore the role that opposite characteristics play in men liaisons

Walter Soares
Scene 1:
A bourgeois, lean, cute, young man seduces a muscular, rough, working class, daddy-type man.

With: Daniel Vieira and Walter Soares

Scene 2:
A white collar, self-controlled, hesitant Argentinean tourist is attracted by a spontaneous, bold, Brazilian hairy jock in a public park.

With: Marco Antonio and
Roberto Aguilar

Roberto Aguilar

Alberto Landi
Scene 3:
An older, refined, romantic gentleman gives in to his crude young lover.

With: Alberto Landi and Perrone

Nelson Leme
Scene 4:
A kinky cop corrupts two young and fulla cum street hustlers.

With: Jordan Neves, Sergio Cortes and
Nelson Leme

Sergio Cortes

Nominated for Best Foreign Video
in the 2001 GAVN awards

Review by Jeremy Spencer
Adult Video News
Higher Ranking: AAAA

Director Max Julien sure knows how to uncover the big ol' Brazilian boys and get them into hot videos. What he does in this video is he takes two extremes, such as older/younger, small/lean, power/submission and others and he creates sexual scenarios to follow. Each encounter gets hotter than the next, with terrific performances by all the hunky guys involved.

The opening sequence has a young son awaiting the repairman. The repairman, after some coaxing from the son, hops in the shower and it's all bowm-chicka-bowm-bowm from there. After the repairman finishes checking theson's pipes, his partner is invited up for some inspecting of his own.

Hotti e Marco Antonio is visiting Brazil from Argentina and encounters a friendly stranger (Roberto Aguilar). They two head back to Roberto's and endup in a torrid session on the couch, Aguilar fucking a squealing Antonio over the couch arm.
It's pretty hot stuff.

The third scene features an older man and his younger boyfriend celebrating their two-year anniversary. Aside from the obvious age issue, the younger one is cold and the older one is affectionate. But the two still have great chemistry and prove as much with a flip-flop fuck while the soccer game plays on TV.

Final scene has a security guard stumbling upon two young punks smoking grass in an abandoned building. Instead of the typical cop-fucking-robber motif, director Julien flips it and has the cop begging the bad boys to fuck him at both ends. Of course the trespassers have no problem with that considering the cop is a big ol' hunky man.

This is a terrific addition to Julien's other works and if customers love big, meaty uncut Latino boys with great big hard cocks, this is the video for them.

Marketing: Stock with other Marcostudio product or Bjorn stuff - the guys are all equally hot. No foreign section should be complete without this.

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