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Master Strokes
Gay Erotic Art Brought To Life

Vicente Kullinsky

Director: Max Julien
Production: Marcostudio (1995)
Distribution: Colt
Videography: Marcostudio
Editing: Joe Motta/Marcostudio/David’s Editing
Music: Oba Ua Som - Razek
Stills/Casting: Marcostudio
Running Time: 90 min


Price: $ 42.50
Format: VHS
System: NTSC or PAL
(sorry, we can't ship "Pal" to Europe)



This solo video features 10 hot uncut young men in a live recreation of some erotic drawings, paintings, and photographs. In the AMG scene, you’ll see a young bodybuilders of the 50’s, eager to share with his preferred buddy his dreams of being a Hollywood star. This sharing includes pumping up, posing straps, wrestling, spanking (it’s an AMG movie, remember?) showers, and the releasing of all the energy  
Clovis Garcia
generated by the closeness of two hot men.
You’ll hardly see such ingenuous, and nevertheless horny studs.
In Quaintance’s world, things are always close to happen: his typical cowboys are often unzipping their pants, sharing a shower or resting in suspicious attitudes...Well, here you’ll see what this forerunner artist would have paint if he only had lived one or two decades later.
Lucas Canigia
Probably Kristen Bjorn is better known today for the hot videos he produces all around the world...Take a look at two horny Rio’s beefcakes who only have their hands to help them while daydreaming with each another and with the crew of magnificent specimens Bjorn has captured with his photo camera.
Donato Ferreira

Allan Worth
Allan Worth

Lucas Canigia
Marcelo Damiano
Walter Soares
Clovis Garcia
Celso Garcia
Jaime Ayres
Donato Ferreira
Alcides Torres
Caio Tulio
Alex Villaboas
Carlos Nucci
Vicente Kulinsky

Walter Soares

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