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Brazilian Bath Boys - Part 2

Director: Luis Carlos Donatelli 
Production: Marcostudio (1995) 
Videoghaphy: Marcostudio 
Editing: Joe Motta 
Music: Oba Ua Som 
Stills/Casting: Marcostudio 
Running time: ca. 90 min 


Price: $ 54.95 
Format: VHS and DVD 
System: NTSC or PAL


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Marcio, a young Brazilian, remembers a hot day  in the baths and invites the viewer to follow him to  further action with some of his new friends.  

Introduction: Marcio remembers the action that took place in "Brazilian Bath Boys". 

Scene 1: Marcio jacks off while longing for coverboy Jacques. 

Scene 2: Felipe canít relax in the sauna because  Fernando begins to tease him. 

Scene 3: Marcelo and Valmir have sex in the Bathís gardens.

Jacques Bonetti

Scene 4: While taking a shower, Gilberto teases Marcio through a glass wall. Carlos joins them in the barís lounge for a 3-way. 

Scene 5: Henrique is rubbing his cock in the TV room. Marcelo comes in. Armando joins them. and so do Milton, Carlos, Jacques, Marcio, Felipe and Gilberto.

  Carlos Nucci,
Gilberto Correia and

Marcio Fonseca

Felipe Ventura and
Fernando Nascimento
Marcio Fonseca 

Felipe Ventura 

Fernando Nascimento 

Valmir dos Santos 

Marcelo Dutra 

Gilberto Correia 

Carlos Nucci 

Henrique Prado 

Armando Salgado 

Milton Abdalla 

Jacques Bonetti

Milton Abdalla

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