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Brazilian Bath Boys

Gilberto Correa and Velipe Ventura

Director: Luis Carlos Donatelli
Production: Marcostudio (1994)
Videography: Marcostudio
Editing: Joe Motta
Music: Oba Ua Som
Stills/Casting: Marcostudio
Running Time: 75 min


Price: $ 54.95
Format: VHS and DVD
System: NTSC or PAL


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Jacques, a young model, receives a horny letter
from a fan who invites him to a bath house where
he uses to go with his Brazilian friends. Jacques, 
not only answers the letter sending to his fan very intimate souvenirs, but goes personally to the hottest baths south of Equator.

Jacques Bonetti and  Marcio Fonseca


Scene 1 - Jacques jacks off after receiving a horny letter. Then, sends his fan an used brief and some of his body’s hair.

Scene 2 - Tiago and Armando have sex in the steam room.

Scene 3 - Gilberto and Felipe have sex in the bath’s gardens.


Scene 4 - Marcio finally meets his idol Jacques and both go to the shower. Francisco comes from the steam room and joins them for a 3-way.

Scene 5 - Gilberto sees a young blond in the locker room, where sex takes place.

"The kissing is passionate and the sex is
raw and real".
(Adult Video News, 1995)


Jacques Bonetti
Armando Salgado
Tiago Nunes
Gilberto Correia
Felipe Ventura
Marcio Fonseca
Francisco de Souza
Lucio Barone

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