8 Inches - Part 2


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Title: 8 Inches - Part 2
Production Year: 2004
Producer: Marcostudio
Director: Max Julien
Script and Videography: Max Julien
Music: A. M. Som
Editing: Chris B. keller
Casting and Stills: Marcostudio
Running Time: 2 hours



DVD extras:
    Gallery and model stats
    Outtakes (includes an extra sex scene and
    behind the scenes) + 34 minutes

Carlo Cox, Edmundo Castro, Raul Dias,
Cris Costa,
Roberto Aguilar, Luke, Cristiano Bianco, Aílton Fontes, Aldo Ribas, Nicolas Neiva,
Ricardo Porto, Nicolas Neiva, Ivan de Morais, Flávio Britto, Antony Gimenes, Paulo Machi and anonymous porn theater customers

While trying to catch thieves who rob gay customers in porn theaters, straight detective Ricardo Soares gets disturbed by images he captures with a hidden camera. Those powerful images and reminiscences of unsolved issues related to his younger gay brother lead the private dick to confront with his own repressed sexuality. After solving the case and experiencing sex with other man, our detective manages to send the “8 Inches” thief to jail where action never stops.

Voyeurism, hidden cameras, Brazilians, Latinos, big dicks, bodybuilders, foreskins, interracial sex, hairy and smooth men, prison, uniforms, solos, duos and 3-ways.

Director’s note::
This video was partially shot with a hidden camera in several Brazilian porn theaters.
The images were taken in the same conditions described by the main character in the plot: without any control over the subjects. Also, like the character, I only could watch what I had captured back to the editing bay.
I’ve tried to select the best images among uncountable footage shot during a period of more than one year. It was an editing point to use less than technically perfect images, provided they were hot.
Except for credited performers, all other participants are anonymous and unaware of camera. Bright spots that appear on video and seems to be flash lights cannot be seen by human eyes; they are registered only by infra-red cameras


Scene #1:
With: Ailton Fontes and Cristiano Bianco
Detective Ricardo Soares is disturbed by what he sees in porn theater and fantasizes about customers teasing him.

Ailton Fontes

Carlo Cox
Scene #2:
With: Carlo Cox and Aldo Ribas
Our private dick gets more and more disturbed by the images he shot in the theater. Soon he fantasizes about a customer coming to his office to recover his wallet and having sex with another man for the first time. .

Carlo Cox and Aldo Ribas

Scene #3:
With: Raul Dias, Nicolas Neiva, Roberto Aguilar
Finally, the detective captures in video the moment when Raul Dias (the “8 inches thief”) and his partner engage into sex with their victim. He sends pictures of the thieves to the theater’s manager and solves the case.

Raul, Roberto and Nick

Scene #4:
With: Carlo Cox, Ricardo Porto
The theater manager (Ricardo Porto) is so happy with the success of the operation that he rewards the private dick with more than the initial agreement, i.e. sex. Initially reluctant, Carlo Cox finally comes to terms with his sexuality.

Carlo Cox and Ricardo
Ricardo Porto

Scene #5:
With: Raul Dias, Nicolas Neiva, Ivan de Morais, Flávio Britto, Antony Gimenes and Luke. In jail, prisoners are restless and guards led Raul Dias to calm them down with his 8 inches, while making some extra money.

While Raul Dias has sex with Ivan first and Flavio Britto later, Nicolas Neiva does the same with Antony Gimenes and Luke performs a solo.

Antony Gimenes
Flavio Britto

Raul Dias


Scene #6:
With: Edmundo Castro and Paulo Machi
The 2 guards celebrate restored peace in jail and some extra money they’ve got.

Edmundo Castro

Edumundo and Paulo


©copyright 1997-2004 Marcostudio