8 Inches




3 GAVN nominations;
Best Foreign Release;
Best Actor (Carlo Cox); and
Best Supporting actor (Rafael Alencar)

Title: 8 Inches
Production Year: 2003
Producer: Marcostudio
Director: Max Julien
Script and Videography: Max Julien
Music: A. M. Som
Editing: Chris B. keller
Casting and Stills: Marcostudio
Running Time: 2 hours


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Rafael Alencar, Sidney Sampaio, Gabriel Faria,
Cris Costa,
Tadeu Novais, Alexandre Bertoni, Tito Bueno, Juarez Nobre,
Carlo Cox (solo) , Ricardo Porto (non sexual), and Bel and uncountable anonymous porn theaters customers

A straight detective is hired to discover thief or thieves who use to rob customers engaged in sexual acts in a porn theater. Soon he has to confront himself with his own repressed sexuality.
A homage to “Cruising”, “Blow Up” and “16 mm”, “8 Inches” has an unique approach, since a big part of the video is REAL sex, shot with a hidden camera in several Brazilian porn theaters, where there is more action running among customers than on the silver screen. Another remarkable note is that these theaters are considered straight ones (like all the shows shown there).

Voyeurism, bodybuilders, body worship, foreskins, Brazilians, Latinos, interracial sex, hairy and smooth men, incest, hidden cameras;
Rimming, oral and anal sex, double penetration, solos, duos and 3-ways.


Sidney e Rafael

Rafael Alencar

Scene #1:
Private dick Ricardo Soares (played by Carlo Cox) calls up his Gay brother, (played by Rafael Alencar) who is having sex with his boyfriend Mario (Sidney Sampaio) and asks for his help to solve the mystery in the theater..
With: Rafael Alencar and Sidney Sampaio.

Sidney Sampaio

Carlo Cox
Scene #2:
A flash back to some years ago: The last night before leaving his parent's home, drunken Carlo Cox jacks off and provokes his younger brother in their bedroom. .
With: Carlo Cox and Cris Costa (solos).

Scene #3:
The detective installs security cameras in the theater’s restroom. After watching some quick sex that his cameras have captured of three guys, he imagines a hot sequel.
With: Alexandre Bertoni, Tito Bueno and Juarez Nobre

Alexandre Bertoni   Tito Bueno

Tito Bueno, Juarez Nobre e Alexandre Bertoni

Scene #4:
Rafael Alencar suspects that his lover has been cheating him. Incapable of doing the same, he escapes from his pain and depression fantasizing about two guys whose images his brother has captured on video.
With:Gabriel Faria and Tadeu Novais

Gabriel Faria
Tadeu Novais


Scene #5:
After his suspicions proved to be false, private dick's brother (Rafael Alencar) makes peace and has sex with his lover
With: Rafael Alencar and Sidney Sampaio

Sidney Sampaio

Sidney and Rafael

Rafael Alencar

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